Shri Yamuna is the fourth element after Shrinathji. She is the fourth Swamini. She is the daughter of Surya (Sun) and sister of Yam. She is the symbol of Mukti from the evils of Yam and light.. Her another name is Kalindi. She is the fourth Patrani of Krishna. Yamunaji is beloved of Shri Krishna but not the wedded wife.

Radha is the First beloved of Shri Krishna.
Gopangs is the Second beloved of Shri Krishna .
Ananya Purva” a daughter of Rishi is the Third beloved of Shri Krishna
Yamunaji is the Fourth beloved of Shri Krishna.

Yamunaji is the “ISHT DEVI” of PushtiMarg

Yamunaji had emerged from the heart of Surya Narayan and landed at Mount Kalindi. She had flown on the Earth for the benefit of its disciples to have Bhakti Bhav.

Yamunaji is the melted form of Bhaki Rass liquified image.

Where there is Krishna there is Yamunaji. She is like Krishna. Krishna is black as is Yamunaji. Krishna is King of Kings. So Yamunaji is Queen of Queens. This is the belief of Pushti Marg. Krishna was born in Mathura on the banks of Yamuna. He performed his Bal-Leela in Gokul on the banks of Yamuna. He performed his Rasleela in Brindavan and killed Kaliya. He used to play with Gopis in water. Yamunaji is very much loved by Krishna , hence she is beloved of Krishna. Krishna is the Lord of Yamuna and Yamunaji is Lordess of Krishna. That is why both are loved by Vaish-navs. Krishna is manmohan of Yamuna . Yamunaji has come to Earth to be holy and sacred. She is the sister of “Niyamak” who keeps account of human beings good and bad deeds. He who takes water of Yamuna becomes the son of Yamuna. How can mother torture his child and hence he who takes bath in Yamuna should not be afraid of Yam.

Bhakti Bhav’s image is the meaning of Yamuna. One who drinks Yamuna water becomes firm devotee of Bhakti Bhav. He gets associated with God and thus what harm can Yam do ?

Yamuna is the giver of “Ashta Siddhi”.

Yamuna makes a human being enable to get ….

  • Body to worship God
  • Watch God’s action
  • To feel God’s action
  • To get Sarvatam Bhav Siddhi
  • To remain and have God’s blessing even during bad days
  • To get Divine Sight
  • To feel the pleasure of God’s Blessings
  • To feel God’s presence in bad time