1 :: Shrinathji Haveli ::

The Nine Principles

1 Take time to work It is the pride of success
2 Take time to think It is the source of power.
3 Take time to play It is the secret of youth.
4 Take time to read It is the source of wisdom.
5 Take time to be good It is the road to happiness.
6 Take time to Dream It is the way to the moon.
7 Take time to love It is the privilege of gods.
8 Take time to laugh It is the music of the soul.
9 Take time to serve It is mission of life.

Three Things

1 Three things to love Honesty, Purity and Truth.
2 Three things to admire Intellect, Beauty, and Music
3 Three things to cultivate Cheerfulness, Sympathy, and Contentment
4 Three things to respect Old age, Religion, and Law.
5 Three things to value Time, Health and Money.
6 Three things to govern Tongue, Temper, and Action.
7 Three things to avoid Idleness, Falsehood, and Slang.